REA Check ER



• Bar code verification according to ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSI X3.182.

• Simple configuration for different demands like incoming goods control or print process control.

• Saving of complete configuration as settings profile.

• Setting profiles can be exported and imported. This allows to share settings and save them on a PC.

• Pass/fail setting for grade preset A/4, B3, C/2 or D/1.

• Automatic averaging of scans starting with 2 and up to 10 scans.

• Auto discriminiation of all major bar code symbologies.

• Automatic size and check digit control.

• Light margin inspection in extended areas.

• Ratio verification for two bar width symbologies like Code 39 and 2/5 interleaved.

• Verification according GS1 General Specifications for retail codes.

• Included GS1-128 Data structure verification for GS1-128 and GS1-Databar codes.

• Colored LED‘s for quick pass/fail indication and operation status.

• Multi language user interface and verification reports.

• Simple software udate via network or USB Memory stick.

• PC operation does not require driver installations. REA PC Scan


REA PC Scan PDF Brochure



The start of portable bar code verification

The REA Check ER is a portable, battery powered bar code Verifier. Its manufactured in conformity with international standards in Germany.

The REA Check ER has the following unique features:

• Compact design;
• Built-in battery for portable operation;
• Cable free in portable operation;
• Large colour display;
• Built in memory for up to 1000 reports;
• USB interface to connect portable printer;
• Reliable Ethernet communication for PC interface;
• DHCP automatic network configuration.

REA PC Scan Screen

The REA CHECK ER is a combination of a very small device which includes the powerful and comfort features of the REA Verifier product line. The small size and solid State construction makes this device a perfect tool for portable bar code verification.

The final result Pass or Fail is the central part of the Verification report. The still quick available details allow a fast deeper analysis.

Optional hardware accessory

Report printer REA TD GPT-U: The printer is connected with a USB cable to the REA Check ER. The printout is a 57mm wide paper strip. The printer has a built in battery pack to allow a fully portable operation including report print locally on demand.

Software options

REA TransWin 32: Manages report view, saving, export and printing. Additionally TransWin32 can remote control and configure REA Verifiers. Report Print outs are done on standard office printers (local or network). Via a PDF writer TransWin32 creates report in PDF file format. TransWin32 requires a Windows PC for operation.

Optional Symbologies: An additional set of optional bar code symbologies. These symbologies are in use in pharmaindustry, healthcare, postal services and other applications.

Code Compare: This function compares the actually decoded bar code content with a previously stored master code. Equal code contents are accepted. All other combinations will cause a failed result. The user can select if the result shall be graded or if the result is shown only informative.

REA Article Database 32: This is a database which assigns to each verified barcode with article additional informations. This is i. e. the article description, a price secondary article information and date information. Date information like “best before use“ or “Use until“ can be verified individually for each article and lead separately to a pass/fail result if dates in the code are incorrect. In principle Article Database 32 can be configured by the user to provide a fail result if the article does not exist and/or if the date range is incorrect. This additional data base supported code content control replaces a separate control step for this requirement.

Physical Characteristics

Measuring accuracy: In conformance with ISO/IEC 15426-1.
Powered by: 32bit ARM 9 CPU technology, built non volatile flash memory.
Light source: LED red light illumination, 660nm 45 degrees.
Measuring width: 75mm (including light margins).
Aperture: 6,8 and 10 mil (this is 0.15,0.2 or 0.25mm).
Metric Measuring Accuracy: +/- 5% for average bar deviation, +/-10% for extreme bar deviation; contrast accuracy: +/-8%.
Interfaces: RJ45 Ethernet socket for network or PC connection (standard TCP/IP);
USB 2.0 socket for portable printer connection and USB memory stick connection.
Display: Large colour display and 12 keys for direct local operation and graphical report visualisation.
Power supply: Built in lithium battery pack and "Power over Ethernet" power supply (100 to 240 volt, 50/60Hz, C13 socket for standard power cords (UK, US, EUR), two Ethernet CAT5 flexible patch cables included (3m length). Ethernet cables up to 100m length can be used.
Size: (LxBxH): 222 x 85 x 95mm.
Weight: 660 grams.
Calibration: The REA Check ER comes with a factory calibration. It shall be regulary in monthly cycles recalibrated by the user. After each calibration a test equipment monitoring shall be performed by the user, calibration card with test code is included.
Maintenance: Cleaning with a cloth, no solvents. The optical can be cleaned by compressed canned air.
Supported Bar Code Symbologies: EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E with/without ADD-ON, EAN-8, 2/5 Interleaved with/without check digit, ITF-14 (freight code), Code 39 with/without check digit, PZN Code, Code 32, Code 128, GS1-128 with/without content verification, GS1-Databar.
Optional Symbologies: 2/5 3 Bars, 2/5 5 Bars, 2/5 IATA, 2/5 baggage, 2/5 DHL Express (Freight code), Code 39 full ASCII, Code 93, MSI, Plessey, Code 128 UPU, Code 39 UPU, Code 39 HIBC, Code 128 HIBC, Codabar Monarch (18), Laetus Pharmacode, Laetus mini Pharmacode.



Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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