Motorola WS5100

Centralised architecture

A single point of entry that
can be centrally managed,
easily secured, and lowers
the overall cost of deployment and management.

L2 and L3 roaming

Supports inter-subnet roaming without additional client support. Seamless roaming of mobile clients within a simplifi ed wireless network design.


Comprehensive, layered
security capabilities including
WPA2-CCMP (with 802.11i fast
roaming options), integrated
Gateway, Secure Guest Access
Provisioning and advanced
wireless intrusion detection.
Exceptional level of data and
network protection without
sacrificing fast roaming.

Clustering and load

Ensures loads are balanced
between access ports to
ensure quality application
performance; supports
multiple levels of redundancy
in case of failure.

Mobility enablers

Virtual AP, Pre-emptive roaming, transmit power control, power save protocol, self-healing (triggered on loss ordisruption of RF coverage).
“Virtual AP” provides better
control of broadcast traffi c
and enables multiple mobile
and wireless applications with quality of service when network is congested. Pre-emptive roaming ensures Symbol mobile devices roam before signal quality degrades; PSP optimises battery life; Self-healing provides continuous network coverage in the event of disruption.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Enhanced voice and video capabilities; prioritises network traffi c to minimise latency and provide optimal responsiveness to all users. Wi-Fi Multimedia Extensions (WMM-Power Save with Admission Control) for enhanced multimedia application support; improved battery life and capacity.


Motorola WS5100 PDF Brochure



Moving at the speed of business

The WS5100 Wireless Switch from Motorola provides enhanced support for enterprise mobility and multimedia applications, as well as increased security and manageability. Based on Motorola’s Wi-NG (Wireless Next Generation) architecture, the WS5100 enables seamless campus-wide roaming, more robust failover capabilities, enhanced security, improved mobile client battery life, and increased voice capacity. Robust security features include integrated intrusion detection, an IPSec VPN gateway, and secure guest access provisioning. Automatic confi guration and fi rmware updates, built-in process monitors, troubleshooting tools and a simple user interface make network deployment and management easy.

Robust enterprise mobility

Business needs should dictate network coverage, not the other way around. That’s why the Motorola WS5100 allows you to deploy “thin” access ports in Layer 3 network designs, and enables campus-wide roaming of mobile clients across Layer 3 boundaries — without requiring additional client software or hardware. Used in concert with Motorola handheld devices, the WS5100 further enhances the fast roaming capabilities and extends client battery life. WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) with “power save” extensions also provides additional voice capacity. Supporting mobile workers has never been so easy.

End-to-end layered security

The WS5100’s comprehensive security includes integrated features such as intrusion detection, an IPSec VPN gateway, AAA/Radius server (for WPA/WPA2 termination on the box) and “hotspot” provisioning capabilities for secure guest access. The stateful packet inspection fi rewall offers protection against denial of service attacks while optimising network traffic. With support for the wireless security standards of today and the ability to easily upgrade to tomorrow’s standards, the WS5100 delivers true value.

Simplified, centralised management

The WS5100 provides unifi ed management of network hardware, software confi guration, and network policies, and has built-in process monitors and troubleshooting tools. Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (sold separately) provides both device level management capabilities and centralised management of the WS5100 infrastructure in distributed locations. With active/active failover and clustering capabilities, as well as mobile unit load balancing, the WS5100 maximises network uptime while minimising network latency. Each WS5100 supports up to 48 access ports and
32 WLANs.

Packet Forwarding

802.1D-1999 Ethernet bridging; 802.11-.802.3 bridging; 802.1Q VLAN tagging & trunking; proxy ARP; IP packet steering-redirection

Wireless Networking

Wireless LAN: Supports 32 WLANs; multi-ESS/BSSID traffic segmentation; VLAN to ESSID mapping; auto assignment of VLANs (on RADIUS authentication); power save protocol polling; pre-emptive roaming; congestion control
Access ports: Supports 1-48 “thin” access ports; automatic access port adoption with ACLs; access port load balancing; direct sequence access point-to-access port conversion
Layer 2 or Layer 3 deployment of access ports
Layer 3 mobility (inter-subnet roaming)
Supported access
ports and access points:
Access ports:
AP100 (802.11b) (L2 deployment only);
AP300 (802.11a/b/g ready) (L2 or L3 deployments)
Access points:
AP4131 (L2 deployment only);
WLAN – GRE tunnel mapping
Radio frequency automatic channel select (ACS); transmit power control manament (TPC); country code-based RF confi guration; 802.11b – 3 non-overlapping channels; 802.11a-11 non-overlapping channels; 802.11g-3 non-overlapping channels

Network Security

Packet fi ltering/
Access control lists (ACLs):
L2/3/4 stateful packet analysis; network address translation (NAT)
Authentication: Access Control Lists (ACLS); pre-shared keys (PSK); 802.1x/EAP-transport layer security (TLS), tunneled transport layer security (TTLS), protected EAP (PEAP); Kerberos Integrated AAA/RADIUS server with native support for EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP (includes a built in user name/password database; supports LDAP)
Transport encryption: WEP 40/128 (RC4), KeyGuard, WPA-TKIP, WPA2-CCMP (AES), WPA2-TKIP
IPSec VPN gateway (support for up to 100 tunnels): Supports DES, 3DES and AES encryption
Secure guest access
(HotSpot provisioning):
Local Web-based authentication; URL redirection for user login; customisable login/welcome pages; support for external authentication/billing systems
RADIUS support
(standard and Motorola
vendor specifi c• attributes):
• User-based VLANs (standard)
• MAC-based authentication (standard)
• User-based QoS (Motorola VSA)
• Location-based authentication (Motorola VSA)
• Allowed ESSIDs (Motorola VSA)

Optimised Wireless QoS

RF priority: 802.11 traffi c prioritisation and precedence
Wi-Fi multimedia extensions: WMM-power save with admission control
Classifi cation & marking: Layer 1-4 packet classifi cation;
802.1p VLAN priority; DiffServ/TOS

System Resiliency & Redundancy

Active: Standby, Active:Active and 1:Many redundancy with access port and MU load balancing; self healing (on detection of RF interference or loss of RF coverage)


Command line interface (serial, telnet, SSH); secure Web-based GUI (SSL); SNMP v1/v2/v3; SNMP traps-40+ user confi gurable options; Syslog; TFTP Client; secure network time protocol (SNTP); text-based switch confi guration fi les; DHCP (client/ server/relay), switch auto-confi guration and fi rmware updates with DHCP options;
multiple user roles (for switch access); Syslog, MIBs (MIB-II, Etherstats, wireless switch specifi c monitoring and confi guration)

Physical Characteristics

Form factor: Standard 1RU
Dimensions: 43.9 mm H x 429 mm W x 404.6 mm D
Weight: 6.25 kg
Physical interfaces: RS232 serial console port; 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
MTBF: >75,000 Hours

Power Requirements

AC input voltage: 100-240 VAC
Max AC input current: 6A@115 VAC, 3A@230 VAC
Max power consumption: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3A, 240 VAC,
50/60 Hz, 1.5A
Input frequency: 47 Hz to 63 Hz

User Environment

Operating temperature: 10°C to 35°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to 65°C
Operating humidity: 5%-85% (w/o condensation)
Storage humidity: 5%-95% (w/o condensation)
Operating altitude: 50 ft. to 10,000 ft./16 m to 3,048 m
Storage altitude: 50 ft. to 35,000 ft./16 m to 10,600 m


Safety certifications: FCC (Art.15, part B), Industry Canada, CE, VCCI, C-Tick, BSMI
EMI compliance: UL 1950, cUL (Canada), VDE GS, DENAN (Japan), CB Cert

Part Numbers

WS5100-06-WWR 6 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch
WS5100-12-WWR 12 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-18-WWR 18 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-24-WWR 24 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-30-WWR 30 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-36-WWR 36 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-42-WWR 42 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS-100-48-WWR 48 Port WS5100 Wireless Switch (Z-Pak)
WS5100-RS-WWR Redundant WS5100 Wireless Switch
WS5100-UC-WW 6 Port Upgrade

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Motorola WS5100






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