Isis Powercart Mobile Zebra Printer


• Modular design

• Mains power wherever you need it

• Full Size Labels when used with a printer

• On-Demand Printing

• Connect to your host with wireless

• Battery lasts for a whole 8 hour shift (normal print cycle)

• Works with 4 or 6 Zebra Printers

• Operator initiates print from Zebra, using data from your host


REA SCancheck 3 PDF Brochure



Take your zebra printer anywhere in the warehouse

This is the PowerCart from Isis Integration. To give you mains voltage where ever you need it. The modularised design means that the Powermodule can be fitted anywhere you choose. For this installation, a trolley has been used that enables a regular, mains-powered Zebra to be used anywhere within the warehouse.

This cart is designed to allow roaming freedom with the latest generation of 802.11b WiFi enabled printers. The Zebra Z4M PLUS illustrated has the optional Zebra field installable WiFi kit fitted. The Powercart provides the mains to run the system for around sixty hours under medium usage.

The Powercart automatically cuts the power to the upper deck and enters charge mode when connected to AC mains.

The cart supports printers up to 6” print width, such as the Zebra Z6M PLUS. Full access to the internal section of the printer is facilitated to simplify media loading. The centre of gravity of the cart is
designed to be low, ensuring stable operation. The printer is rigidly attached to the upper deck.

WiFi - Diagnostics

When WiFi enabled, Zebra printers support browser access to their
configuration and diagnostic pages, thus facilitating remote assistance to the operator.

Quality of construction is fundamental of Isis products and the Power- Cart is thoughtfully constructed by engineers, not accountants. This results in a functional, hard working and safe piece of warehouse equipment giving years of trouble free service.

Zebra printer and WiFi upgrade kit (inside) shown are sold separately.



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PDF Icon Isis Powercart - Datasheet (224KB pdf)

Isis Powercart Mobile Zebra Printer

Isis Powercart Mobile Zebra Printer

Isis Powercart Mobile Zebra Printer

Isis Powercart Mobile Zebra Printer

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