MC35 DESK CRADLE Isis Symbol Motorola MC35 Desk Cradle

• Glove-fit: smooth, one handed insertion into cradle. Gentle ‘click’ to engage USB connector

• Ergonomic design provides full access to all buttons while MC35 is docked

• MC35 is presented at a comfortable height and angle for use while docked

• Low centre of gravity for enhanced stability

• Cable support-slot reduces stress on USB connector when cradle is repositioned on desk

• Car cradle fits almost any vehicle


Isis Symbol Motorola MC35 Desk CradlePDF Datasheet



Exceeding expectations

The MC35 Desk Cradle is the result of a collaborative project with Motorola, BT and Isis Integration.

The design brief stipulated that the cradle should provide the user with a simple and elegant means to connect their MC35 to either a charging or communications USB cable, and allow them to use the MC35 while mounted in the cradle.
The solution provided by Isis is a superbly designed, precisely engineered cradle that answers and exceeds the original brief.
The fit and presentation of the MC35 is the result of meticulous attention to detail. Our design team worked closely with end users to ensure that the cradle was simple to use and enabled the MC35 to be used while ‘docked’.
A custom designed wiring loom means that whatever cable the user connects to the MC35 Cradle, full functionality is preserved at the MC35.

MC35 Car Cradle

The Motorola MC35 Car Cradle from Isis uses the same perfect fit and sure connector alignment as the MC35 Desk cradle.

isis motorola symbo  MC35 car cradle

By working with a multitude of specific vehicle mounting brackets, the MC35 car cradle will fit almost any vehicle.

Permanent connection to the vehicles power supply ensures that users enjoy the smooth one-handed insertion - without the requirement to attach a USB cable separately.

The MC35 glides smoothly into place and gently clicks to engage the USB connector.

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 10.9 cm H x 9.9 cm W x14.5cm D
Weight: 160 gm
Charging: Trickle or Rapid Charge depending on external connection. Internal USB loom conforms to Motorola MC35 pin-outs.
Cable Insulation: 20M OHMS / 240 V
RoHS Compliant: Yes

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Isis Symbol Motorola MC35 Desk Cradle MC35 Desk Cradle Datasheet (388KB pdf)


isis symbol motorola mc35 desk cradle


isis symbol motorola mc35 car cradle


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