Isis Checkrite III
Isis Checkrite III

• Check all items on your production line

• Simple relay output to stop your line

• Clear and simple feedback from “traffic light” - spot errors and problems immediately

• No PC required - programmed and controlled by a single key

• Reduce wastage: stop the line as soon as a problem is detected and reduce scrap

• Avoid costly returns

• No more fines

• Easy to install - usually less than half a day per line

• High-speed scanning of all items

• Single power source

• RS 232/485 or TCP/IP Comms (additional charge for TCP/IP)

• Customised software available

• 30 cm H x 20 cm W x 15cm D (Excluding Traffic Lights)


Isis Checkrite III PDF Brochure



Affordable production line checking

Checking all your barcodes online is now extremely easy using the
new Checkrite III system. Incorrect or unreadable barcodes on retail products can result in a shipment being rejected by your customer. You could be ‘fined’ and in extreme cases possibly lose a contract.

Checkrite III is a self-contained, online barcode checking system that uses Microscan high performance industrial barcode readers. It is a PLC based system housed in a stainless steel enclosure that handles the logic of monitoring the scanners’ electrical outputs (Good Match, Good Read, Quality Warning etc.) and provides a visual indicator of the validity of the barcode by way of a 4 colour “traffic light” stack. On a ‘Fail’ condition an external output is also available to halt the production line, sound an alarm etc

Show & Go Programming: Storing new ‘match code’ is very simple. The 3-way key switch is set to the ‘Learn’ position and a barcode passed in front of the scanner. The barcode data is then automatically stored as the ‘master’

Good Code: If subsequent barcodes match the stored number and the readability is good then the Green Light will switch ON and stay on until the next read cycle (next product passes the scanner)

Mis-Match: If the barcode scanned does NOT match the stored number then the Red Light will switch ON (blinking) and stay on and a fail condition* arises.

Quality Warning: If the barcode is readable but the quality poor the Amber Light will switch on until the next cycle. If this occurs 5 times in sequence the Amber and Red Lights will switch on and stay on and a fail condition* arises

No Read: If the barcode is missing, mis-applied or unreadable the Clear Light and Red Lights will switch on and stay on and a fail condition* arises

Secure: Use of the Learn, Reset and normal running functions is via a key operated 3- way switch to ensure only the line supervisor can operate the system. Key holders can also disable the system for non bar-coded products.


*Fail Condition: Whenever the Red Light is on (steady or blinking) a Volt-free Contact will also activate which may be used to stop the conveyor. It will remain on until the Reset switch on the front of the Checkrite III is activated.


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions 30 cm H x 20 cm W x 15cm D
(Excluding Traffic Lights)
Voltage: 240V

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Isis Checkrite III


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