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“One hundred years ago, John Lightbody opened his first bakery in Hamilton. In 1995, I took the decision to sell off the Lightbody Group’s retail shops and focus on supplying multiple grocers with celebration cakes. The proposed acquisition of Lightbody by Finsbury marks another major milestone in the history of our company. Whilst it will be business as usual at Lightbody, we are attracted by the significant benefits that we believe will be delivered as part of the Enlarged Group. We have watched the strong growth and performance of Finsbury and believe that we will make a perfect partnership given the alignment of our strategic vision, and that together we will be able to drive sales of UK multiple grocers’ premium brands and deliver even greater growth for our key licensing partners.”


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"We are very pleased with the simple and reliable operation of the Isis Checkrite system on our cake packaging lines …

They are easy to program after a product change and scan every product package so immediately stop the line if the wrong carton is loaded. The fast machine stop also allows us to locate the problem carton very quickly.
We recently moved factories and the Checkrite systems proved very easy to move and reinstall without needing to request any further help from Isis."


Isis Checkrite System

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