Axicon 6515
Bar Code Verifier

Axicon 6515


• ISO / ANSI verification standards;

• Static Scan Reflectance Measurement;

• AI Data Content Checker (For GS1-128 & GS1 Databar etc.);

• Multi language user interface;

• USB Connectivity.


Motorola WS5100 PDF Brochure

Axicon 6515


Mid Range Barcode Verifier

Independently tested and certified to meet international standards, the Axicon 6515 has been specifically designed to read all linear barcodes with a width of up to 125mm (4.9") including quiet zones. Our development program means that not only will your verifier always meet the latest ISO / ANSI standard, but also a wide range of application standards including GS1-128 and ISBN/ISSN. A wide range of additional reporting tools is also provided.

LVS Integra 9580

The Axicon 6515 is capable of verifying linear barcodes up to 125mm wide making it ideal for both point of sale and traded unit barcodes typically those printed on thermal / thermal transfer printers. For this reason it is widely regarded as the industry standard across many business sectors.


Simply install the software on your computer, plug in the verifier and you can be confident that your barcodes are being checked to the highest standards.

Print of Analysis

A printed report can be produced on any connected printer. The report will be automatically resized to suit the output media. Printouts can be produced for the main verification information, (including: decoed number, time and date, number of scans, code type, average ISO/ANSI grade, average bar gain, magnification, check character, quiet zone & individual parameters), scan reflectance profiles, dimensional analysis also for GS1-128 & GS1 Databar data content information and plug-in results. GS1 Verification template supported. Customised reports available via RepGen and ScanDB utilities.

General Information

Application Standards: AIAG
Belgian Pharmacode (MS1)
Belgian Pharmacode (Unique)
Coupon Codes (UK,USA, Euro)
Code Vignette
GS1 AI check
Italian Pharmacode (IMH)
Variable Measure Codes (Branded, Instore, Australian)
Minimum PC Requirements:
(PC supplied by customer)

Windows 95 or later
Mac OSX 10.2 or later

Height, Width, Depth: 145mm x 133mm x 128mm
Weight: 675gms (23.8oz)
Aperature: The software automatically identifies the symbology / nominal bar size (X dimension) and adjusts the aperature size in order to comply with the symbology specifications and International Standards.
Nominal Measuring: 5mil, 6mil, 10mil and 20mil
Supported Symbologies: GSI Symbologies: EAN-8, EAN 13 (with or without add-ons)
ITF-14 / Case Code
GSI DataBar (all Symbologies)
UPC-E (with or without add-ons)
Code 39
Code 93
Code 128
MSI Plessey
Pharmacode-Laetus (optional extra)
Analysis Performed on relevant Symbologies: Full ISO / ANSI Parameter Analysis (Rmin, Rmax, Global Threshold, Symbol contrast, Min Edge contrast, Modulation, Defects, Decodability, Decode, Decodability per symbol character, Average Bar Gain, Check Digit validation, Data Length, Nominal Bar Width  Analysis (X dimension), print contrast measurement (PCS), Symbol structure including Parity, subsets and start/stop characters, quiet zone validation, wide to narrow ratio display and validation.
Diagnostic Windows: Parameter detail results, dimensional analysis, pass/fail, scan reflectance profile, static scan reflectance, summary, traditional results, application identifier data content checker (for GS1-128, GS1-Databar), product look-up.
Logging: Scan saving and loading stores complete details of scan file data. Allows for remote diagnostics and also for increased traceability.
Calibration logging: A record of date and time to show when the hardware has been calibrated is kept - vital for ISO 9000 records.
Configurable Options: Audible warnings, calibration expiry warning, changeable pass / fail and warning colours, optional check digit validation (Code 39, Codabar, ITF), file saving, multi-scan averaging, pass grade, print options, window sizes and positions.
Error Messages: Check digit error, data content error, incorrect wide to narrow ratio, print quality failure, product look-up error, quiet zone error, reference decode algorithm error, structure error, X dimension range checking.
Plugins available: Code 39 full ASCII, CSV file saving, general specification, job reference, product look up, text look up, time zone, UPC, user data, user name (see also Application Standards).
Additional Software: Pharmacode (Laetus): Decode and analysis of Laetus Pharmacode.
ScanDB: reporting tool transferring data from saved scans into a .csv file.
Rep Gen: configurable report generation tool.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Product Datasheet (41KB pdf)


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